Name Nadine Holliday

Aliases Evelyn Dasher (By Everyone)

           Nadia (By Everyone)
           Peaches (by Luc)
           Evie (By Everyone)
           Pet (By Paris)

Appearance She is described as being 5 feet 5 inches tall with blonde hair, brown eyes, and a round, freckled face.

Family Unnamed Bio Mother (Deceased)

          Unnamed Bio Father
          Sylvia Dasher (Adoptive Mother)

Friends Luc

           James Davis

Love Interests Luc


Nadine (a.k.a. Evie) was born to drug addict parents. Her mother died when she was little from an overdose and her father was said to have been more worried about getting high than his own daughter. Eventually Nadia got out of her home and travled to Martinsburg, West Virginia where she met Luc. Luc took her in and even though they tried to keep the truth about what they were from her, she found out pretty quick that they weren't human. Her and Luc didn't get along at first, as Luc didn't think much of her and Nadia would always follow him around like a shadow. Eventually, Luc and Nadia grew closer and Luc started to see Nadia as a little sister; but as they grew older their relationship turned into something else. Nadia had blood cancer, though, and was very sick and dying. Luc tried everything and every serem he could think of to heal her, but nothing worked. Until one day, when Luc went after James Dasher for what he did to all of the innocent humans, Luxen, hybrids, and Origin, and was planning to kill him. But Dasher made him a deal. Dasher and the Daedalus had made a new serem called Andromeda that could heal Nadia and save her life. But if Luc took the deal, he had to stay away from Nadia as long as she was safe. They took the deal (though Nadia hadn't know the serem would take her memories). The serem cured Nadia's cancer, but she didn't remember anything about her life or who she was. Instead if placing Nadia with a family like he promised Luc, Dasher gave Nadia the name Evelyn Dasher, after his late daughter, and had planned that him and his Luxen wife, Slyvia, would take care of her. But Dasher had wanted to kill Luc, and had been about to do so when Sylvia killed him. Not knowing what else to do, Sylvia planted false memories into Nadia's head and acted like her mother. Nadia (or Evie) didn't see Luc again until she went to the Fortoken club with her friend Heidi.