Matthew Garrison
Species Luxen Alien
Age 38
Status ✝ Deceased

(killed by Dawson)

Guardian to: Daemon Black

Dee Black

Dawson Black

Adam Thompson

Ash Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Physical Traits
Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown

Background and History Edit

Matthew Garrison is a Luxen who is the unofficial guardian of the Black and Thompson triplets. In the battle against the Arum, Matthew lost all of his family and his friends when his planet was destroyed. Now, he feels a sense of responsibility for these triplets, and would do anything to protect them.

Matthew is killed by Dawson because he was going to turn Katy & Daemon into Daedalus he even told them he was the one who told Daedalus about Dawson & Bethany.

Physical Description Edit

Matthew is described as being in his late twenties, early thirties but it is revealed that he is in actual 38 years old. He has light brown hair and blue eyes; Katy considers him to be handsome with a good sense of style

Personality Edit

When you first get introduced to Matthew, he seems arrogant and self-centered, but as we get to know him through Katy's eyes, we see that he is only trying to protect those he loves from the evils of the world. He is very mature and has taken on the responsibility of handling any issues that may shadow his 'kids' lives. He is compassionate and kind, and the calm in between the storm.

Relationships Edit

The Black family: Matthew is Daemon's and Dee's unofficial guardian, and is always there to be the mediator in Luxen meetings between the pair of triplets. He is very protective over Daemon and Dee, and thinks of them as his kids, because he loves them as a father would their own child.

The Thompson family: Matthew is Ash's, Adam's and Andrew's unofficial guardian. Meaning, he takes care of financial and education issues. He is always there for when any type of problem arises and he is very fond of them. He feels as if, just like the Blacks, the Thompson are his 'kids' because he loves them as such.

Katy Swartz: Matthew, first of all, is Katy's biology teacher in PHS. He then grows closer to her as he understand the closeness of her and Daemon's relationship. At first he is hesitant to trust her, but as he begins to know more and more of her, he looses up and at some point is okay with Katy being in their lives.

Quotes Edit

"Don't get me wrong. I'm sure you're a great girl. You're smart and you seem to have your head on straight, but this is life or death for us. Our freedom. Trusting a human is not something we can afford." -(Obsidian)

"Humans are such...fickle humans. What we are, what we can do, has to protected at all costs."-(Obsidian)

"You guys are all I have left, and I will not stand by and humor false hope that will get you killed or worse!" -(Onyx)

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