Luxens are an alien species from Lux, they came to earth after their planet was destroyed.

Description Edit

Luxens sought the earth thousands of years ago due to being a place that was comparable to Lux in terms of food and atmosphere, but they inhabit other planets in our galaxy and father. Luxens do not need to breathe oxygen, but they do it out of habit. In their true form, Luxen are made out of pure light.

Luxens stay in large groups. They age like humans and assimilate human DNA taking in a human's physical appearance, which allows them to blend normally in society.

The Luxens weaknesses are being badly hurt in their true form, getting their heads cut off in their human form and the gemstone Onyx.

Abilities Edit

  • Aura reading
  • Chronokinesis: They can bend space and time.
  • Enhanced speed: Travel using light, and move at the speed of light.
  • Fire manipulation: They can create fire, and fire does not hurt them as it's part of them.
  • Healing: All Luxen have a healing property but not all are good at using this power, some can heal anything as long as it's still somewhat alive.
  • Photokinesis (light powers): They can manipulate light, they become almost invisible, and dispel shadows
  • Shapeshifting: The Luxen do not actually change forms when they shape-shift, they manipulate the light and the way it refracts to produce a different image.
  • Telekinesis: they can manipulate and move objects, animated or not.

Etymology Edit

Lux is Latin for light.

Known luxens Edit

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