Paris (best friend) ✝

Archer (friend)

Daemon Black (friend)

Dee Black (friend)

Bethany Williams (friend)

Katy Swartz (friend)


Opal, Origin, Opposition

Physical Traits

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Luc is an Origin who first appeared in Opal, introduced by Blake, when Katy and Daemon need his help with breaking into Mount Weather and rescuing Beth. He is rather young, being around 14-15, and is referred to as being like "the preteen mafia." Luc is first introduced to have "Shoulder-length brown hair tucked back behind his ears." He owns a club and several safe houses around the country. Luc is very rich. He proves this when he picks up a stack of hundreds and burns it, stating that money isn't needed. He does work with his close Luxen friend Paris and has connections in high places. He is in love with Nadia, a human, he once rescued from the streets. He later watches over the younger Origins. Luc is funny with a serious but childish/ smart ass sense of humor. He is referred to as being filled with "Keen intelligence" and wise beyond his years. At times he can be frightening. In oppositions Luc needs Nancy Hushers cooperation and in order to have it he must threatened what means most to her, the baby Origins. Luc has a very infamous record and is believed 100 percent by Nancy. He then keeps her in line by telling her that she knew what would happen if she annoyed him in the slightest. Katy describes him saying: "I was kind of dumbstruck by his boyish beauty. Eyes the color of amethyst locked with mine briefly and then went back to the game. The kid was going to be a looker one day." Luc is very powerful. He told Katy "I was their star pupil." This proven throughout Origin. Luc turns out to be a very important character and goes on to be a very well respected member of the family.