Kellie Swartz
Species Human
Age 30s
Status ✝ Deceased

(killed by a New Luxen taking her DNA)

Family Unnamed Husband ✝

Katy Swartz (Daughter)

Daemon Black (Son-in-Law)

Will Michaels (Boyfriend) ✝

Adam Black


Appearances Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin
Physical Traits
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde

Background and History Edit

Kellie Swartz lived with her family in Florida until her husband died of cancer and, after three years, she decided to move to West Virginia with her daughter. Together they unknowingly moved in next to aliens called Dee & Daemon

Kellie is killed by a New Luxen taking her DNA and turning into her. The New Luxen hides out in her house, waiting for Daemon & Katy to come back.When they do, they find the New Luxen there. Katy runs into its arms, thinking it is her mom when Daemon pulls her away from the New Luxen. Katy looks into the cold blue eyes and she knows that her mother was killed by the New Luxen. The Luxen hits Katy with its power and she hits the floor. While she is on the floor, Daemon uses his powers to kill the New Luxen.

Physical Description Edit

Kellie has straight blonde hair and sparkling hazel eyes. In her daughter's eyes, only she can wear polka dots and STILL look good.

Relationships Edit

Katy Swartz: Katy is her daughter who she really loves and cares about. Although after her husband's death she throws herself into work, but the moments she has with her are always cherished.

Dee & Daemon Black: They are her neighbors and she thinks they are very lovely. Later in the book she suspects that her daughter and Daemon have something going on, but still likes him.

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