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Jason Dasher was a sergeant and worked for Daedalus.

Background and History[]

Jason Dasher was a sergeant working for Daedalus. Jason was known for being a hero, sacrificing his life in the Luxen war. He was mainly responsible for the Trojans and is known as their maker or master. He married a human woman and they gave birth to their daughter Evelyn Dasher. Dashers first wife and daughter died so he remarried this time to the Luxen, Sylvia Dasher.

After he remarried he met Nadine Holliday because Luc had wanted Dasher to save her life. In return he told Luc to stay away from her. Once Luc was gone they injected the Andromeda serum in her for hope that she would become better. While she was getting better she suffered from severe headaches, leaving Nadia to stay in the hospital. During these times Sylvia Dasher would tell her about the previous Evelyn Dasher.

Jason was shot by Sylvia and was believed to be dead but there is a theory that Luc and Evie came up with. They suspected that she had healed him after, possibly turning him into a Hybrids.

Physical Description[]