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Tamirobson Tamirobson 23 September 2020

Adoption was successful this time

So as the title says, Staff approved my adoption, yay! I am your bureaucrat now,as you can see I re-designed the theme of the page, we got a proper front page and navigation bar now. I have deleted the spam comments aswell, if I missed some let me know or if you would like a different theme design, I went with the original Obsidian colors but also thought of maybe The Brightest Night colors since it's the upcoming book, but anyways you let me know whatever is on your mind, much love to anyone reading this!

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Tamirobson Tamirobson 8 September 2020

I want to adopt this wiki

I had posted a while back a blog about it but I thought to make a new one leading up to my second attempt to request adoption for the wiki. The first time I was not able to due to having gained rights on another wiki in the past 90 days, but soon (on september 13th) I will be able to request adoption again, there are no active editors at this time on the wiki, but just in case :) I want to make this wiki a better place because I love the Lux Series, a more lenghty explanation of my future plans for the wiki can be found here, on my first blog post: User_blog:Tamirobson/Admin_and_bureaucrat_rights_for_this_wiki.

Any questions or concerns feel free to comment below :)

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Tamirobson Tamirobson 26 May 2020

Admin and bureaucrat rights for this wiki


My name is Tami, and I would like to become an admin/bureaucrat on this Wiki. I am passionate about the Lux Series and would like to help as much as I can. The wiki is very empty and outdated since the founder has not updated it since 2014 and many options are only available to admins/bureaucrats.

The reason I would like to become an admin/bureaucrat on this wiki is so that I would be able to carry out actions that would help to tidy up this Wiki that we are unable to do as editors. I would like to:

  • update the home page and navigation bar.
  • update the 'theme' and 'design' of the Wiki.
  • delete pages that are not necessary.
  • ensure the Wiki is as neat and tidy as possible.
  • continuing to update and create many of the pages.
  • Clean up spam in the c…
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Julesandherbooks Julesandherbooks 21 September 2019


Has someone heard about the Area 51 Raid on September 20, 2019? I was just wondering because Area 51 is where the DOD are who captured mutated humans and aliens. There must be connection there between government secrecy about keeping Aliens there. Do they really have Luxen being kept there? Lol

Julesandherbooks (talk) 01:33, September 21, 2019 (UTC)Julesandherbooks

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