Beth is a human turned hybrid by her boyfriend Dawson Black

Bethany Williams
Species Luxen Hybrid
Age 18
Status Alive
Family Dawson Black (partner)

Jane Williams ( mother )

Philip Williams ( brother )

Ashley Black (daughter)

Dee Black (best friend)

Daemon Black (best friend)

Katy Swartz (best friend)

Ash Thompson (saves Bethany's life)

Physical Traits
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown

Background and History Edit

Bethany Williams is a hybrid who moved from Nevada to West Virginia at the start of jr year. Her uncle is Will who has Cancer and also sends her to the group Daedalus inside of the DOD. They you're her and prepare her and Dawson for "battles" against the Luxen when they come to invade. Her boyfriend is Dawson Black who is a luxen that mutates her. She also has a daughter Ash Black who is named after Ash Thompson who died protecting Beth in Las Vegas.

Physical Description Edit

As described by Dawson: "The way this girl’s elfin features were pieced together was absolute perfection. Chocolate-colored hair slid over her shoulders. Her skin held a healthy glow from being out in the sun a lot. Finely groomed eyebrows set off tilted eyes framed with heavy lashes. Warm brown eyes connected with his."

Personality Edit

Bethany is sweet and grounded – she wants to do what is right by herself and her family rather than just doing whatever she wants. She is caring and compassionate, never failing to be there for those who need her. She is not afraid to show how she feels and isn't scared of going for what she wants, as long as it's good for her.

Relationships Edit

Dawson Black: Dawson and Bethany are romantically involved, and have been for quite some time. At the moment, Bethany is pregnant form Dawson and they are happily awaiting their little baby alien. In Opposition thy have their baby and name it Ash Black after Ash Thompson because Ash died for Beth by protecting her from he PEP blasting guns.

Katy Swartz: Katy is the only other alien hybrid that Bethany knows and they have shared various conversations here and there, slowly but surely making their friendship grow.

Ashley Black: Ashley is the daughter of Beth.

Quotes Edit

  • “I love you, Dawson. I love who you are, what you are. And I don’t think love recognizes differences. It just is. And we really aren’t that different.” -(Shadows)
  • "Unbelievably hot. Funny. And knew all the right things to say? Score. He held the second door open for her, and she added “gentleman” to the list." -(Shadows)
  • “Surprise flooded his face. “How’d you know? Most can’t tell us apart."
  • “Your smile.” Flushing, she wanted to hit herself. Your smile? Wow. She glanced down at her schedule quickly, realizing she had to go to the second floor. “I mean, the other one didn’t smile at all, like, the entire class.”

He chuckled at that. “Yeah, he’s worried that smiling will give him premature wrinkles.”” -(Shadows)