Ashley Black

Species Origins
Age 13 Months
Status Alive
Family Bethany Williams (Mother)

Dawson Black (Father)

Dee Black (Auntie)

Archer ( Uncle )

Daemon Black (Uncle)

Katy Swartz (Auntie)

Ash Thompson ( Ashley Black was named after her because she dies for Beth in Origin)

Physical Traits
Eye Color Amythest
Hair Color Black

Ashely is the Origin offspring of Hybrid Bethany Williams and Luxen Dawson Black.

Background and History Edit

Ashely was born into the world shortly after the events of Opposition to eager parents Beth and Dawson. As the child of an hybrid and a Luxen, she is an Origin, one of the few female Origin in existence. She is loved by her family and given a normal life. She was named after Ash Thompson because she sacrificed herself to save Bethany's life in Origin.


Ashely is shown to be curious like all other toddlers her age. She is strong and smart because she is able to spell her own name with toy blocks at the age of 13 months. She is also able to pitch her toys across rooms and into other rooms with one throw.