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Ash Thompson was a Luxen.

Background and History[]

Ashley Thompson was a Luxen who was sent to earth years before the first book, Obsidian. Her parents never made it to earth with her, but her siblings Andrew Thompson and Adam Thompson (the three are triplets) did, along with a few others of their kind: the Black triplets (DaemonDeeDawson Black) and Matthew Garrison.

Physical Description[]

She is described to be a natural beauty and 'everybody would want to have a body like her's'. She has medium length blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes.


A lot of people thought she was a bitch, but if you got to know her she could be quite likable. She, like her whole family, was also very protective. She also really disliked Katy Swartz at first because she didn't trust humans. She she also became jealous of Katy having a relationship with her ex, Daemon, everyone wanted the two to be together. As told by Dee, Ash more wanted to hate Katy than she actually did. She showed selflessness during a battle where she jumped in front of Beth, who was pregnant at the time, to save her from a fatal shot.


Daemon Black: Ash and Daemon had an on and off romantic relationship that they both knew would never work out. Ever since they were young, they would always be on and off as explained by Dawson. Ash constantly fought for Daemon's attention even when Katy entered the picture. Ash's hatred towards Katy was fueled by her jealousy over her and Daemon. In the end, she accepted the fact that Daemon would never be hers. Yet they both cared about each other on some level. In Opal, it was mentioned that Ash had also spent time with a human.