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Arum are a species of aliens.


Arum are similar to the Luxen; though the two are very different. Arum are shadow aliens, the way Luxen are made from light. Arum are enemies of the Luxen, and kill them to devour the light from them (to feed).

Arum are always born in quadruplets, three boys and one girl. They cannot produce offspring with humans.


  • Aura reading: They can read auras more clearly than any other species.
  • Chronokinesis: They can bend space and time.
  • Enhanced speed: Travel using shadows, and move at the same speeds that Luxen do.
  • Particle manipulation: They can split their bodies into shadows and reform certain body parts at will.
  • Telekinesis: they can manipulate and move objects, animated or not.
  • Photokinesis (light powers): They can manipulate shadows, they become almost invisible.
  • Absorption: Arum can absorb the light from Luxen and humans alike. Arum can use their power to become like a black hole, attracting objects and their enemy close to them.

Known Arum[]