Species Origin
Age 24
Status Alive
Family Unnamed Mother ✝

Unnamed Father ✝

Dee Black (girlfriend)

Katy Swartz (friend)

Daemon Black (friend)

Dawson Black (friend)

Bethany Williams (friend)

Luc ( friend )

Appearances Opposition, Origin
Physical Traits
Eye Color amethyst but wears eye contacts (Origin)
Hair Color dark

Background and History Edit

Archer is an Origin (child of a Luxen and Hybrid) who was born and raised by Daedalus and trained to fight as a soldier.

Archer was born from an unknown Hybrid and an unknown Luxen into Daedalus. He was raised by the government to use his abilities and fight as a soldier. Occasionally moved around from compound to compound, Archer never lived a day of his life freely.


Though Archer was raised as a soldier, he has a compassionate and caring side to him. At times, he acts naive because of the childhood he never had. Archer also has a sense of humor that clashes with Daemon's sarcastic wit. He is also smart and quick to act on his instincts utilizing his training with Daedalus. 


As an Origin, Archer has many abilites that give him an advantage in some situations. Archer has the ability to read minds of anyone around him. He would often get on Katy or Daemon's nerves when he read what they were thinking. Archer can also communicate through telepathy easily without speaking.

Archer is also an experienced fighter. Because of his training and his natural strength from being an Origin, he is a tough opponant to beat. He can also tap into the Source and use its power to take out other Luxen or Arum. Though not as strong as a Luxen, he is a capable fighter.


Dee BlackEdit

Archer isn't easily taken off guard, but Dee did exactly that when he first saw her interact with her siblings. There was an immediate attraction between the pair. Dee admitted to imagining him naked and Archer had probably heard that thought in her mind. Their further interaction led to a developing relationship that was put on halt when Dee fell under the influence of other Luxen. It was apparent that he cared about Dee and worried about her when she was missing. When they were reunited, they embraced, much to Daemon's dismay. By the end of Opposition, they were in a steady relationship and took numerous trips to Olive Garden.

Katy SwartzEdit

Archer helped Katy during her months at Daedalus. He didn't abuse her in any way and defended her when she needed things like food. After he assisted in helping Daemon and Katy escape Daedalus, she learnt to trust him and accept him as a friend. Archer would later join the group as they worked to fight off the Luxen. By the end of Opposition, it is believed that they became good friends and remained close seeing how Katy was his girlfriend's sister-in-law.