Andrew Thompson was a Luxen.

Biography Edit

Andrew Thompson was a Luxen who was sent to earth years before the first book, Obsidian. His parents never made it to earth with him, but his siblings Ash Thompson and Adam Thompson (the three are triplets) did, along with a few others of their kind: the Black triplets (Daemon BlackDee Black, Dawson Black) and Matthew Garrison. He died a noble death in a tough battle against the Arum.

Physical description Edit

He is described as tall and fit. He had adorable short blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. He and Adam, his twin brother, looked exactly alike.

Personality and traits Edit

He was a little cranky but very, very protective over his friends and family. Andrew and his twin brother Adam had polar-opposite personalities, but nevertheless, he cared for his family. He disliked Katy Swartz very much, thinking humans were untrustworthy and didn't trust people easily. But in the end he really did care about Bethany Williams and Katy, just like his sister, Ash.

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