Adam Thompson was a Luxen.

Biography Edit

Adam was sent to earth years before the first book, Obsidian. His parents never made it to earth with him, but his triplet siblings Ash Thompson and Andrew Thompson did, along with a few others of their kind Daemon, Dee, Dawson, and Matthew. He and Dee were in an relationship until he died.

Physical description Edit

He is described as tall and fit. He had adorable short blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. He and Andrew, his twin brother, looked exactly alike.

Personality and traitsEdit

He was the only Thompson family member who didn't dislike Katy and had a normal friendship with her. He cared a lot for Dee and probably would have done anything for her. He was also very protective over his family and friends.

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Romances Edit

  • Dee Black: He and she were dating until he died as a result of Blake's treachery during a violent battle at Katy's house. They were always making out and didn't feel ashamed about it, constantly kissing openly during lunches in school. They were meant to be together but he didn't believe she would feel the same. Both Dee and Adam risked themselves to protect Katy when she wasn't acting like herself. After his death, Dee mourned over him and distanced herself from Katy and spent more time with Ash and Andrew. She deeply loved Adam even after his death.

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